Debut EP "Trust in a stranger" out now


Hunter Lyons is an independent alternative rock/americana artist based in Nashville, TN. He 
started playing guitar at 8 to be like his dad, and quickly fell in love with it. Hunter began singing 
and writing songs when he was 12 to develop a deeper connection with the music. The emotion 
and weight of a song is split up into all the different parts involved, and Hunter felt the most 
connected to the music when he was able to tap into them all at once; the guitar, the vocals, and 
the lyrics. Fortunately, for a young man with little-to-no direction on where to begin his music 
career, Lyons had many opportunities to perform a variety of different music styles. He 
performed in church band, school jazz band, pit band, theme park band, did some 
singer-songwriter bar gigs, and more. From these opportunities, Lyons gained influence and 
skills from many different styles, and they all play a part in his sound today. His first performance 
at 14 was a little 30 minute opening set for a friends band at a coffee shop in Mechanicsburg, 
PA to 10 people. He was terrified walking onto the stage, but was heartset and obsessed 
walking off of it. Hunter took lessons throughout high school and later graduated with a degree 
in music. 

Lyons moved to Nashville at 21 years old with the idea of becoming a songwriter for other 
artists. He would hang around that scene for about a year, work some odd jobs and had some 
miserable times as you often do in your early 20’s, but he had a constant feeling that he was 
missing something. Hunter needed to get back to what made him fall in love with music in the 
first place - playing guitar, writing music that was a true reflection of himself and what he was 
going through, playing music he loved because he loved it, not because he thought others 
wanted to hear it. It was that mental awakening, coupled with the confidence of being himself 
and living a life of his own, where he really found himself as an artist and as a man, and that led 
Hunter to today, to tell these stories and to make his upcoming debut EP, Trust In A Stranger. 
Lyons has released one single to date, “Red Man” which is included within the 5 song EP. His 
combination of multiple different genres into his work lets him stand out in an overcrowded 
Nashville country music scene, by blending all of his influences together into his self-described 
“roots rock.”